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  • The participating store will have a reduction or special offers permission during festival/ show as per declared.
  • The store is allowed to put a 3m long and 1m wide banner per door. The length can be longer depending on the number of doors.
  • The banner should bear the name of festival /show in both Arabic and English. In addition, a promotional phrase expressing the offers presented by the store is to be added.
  • The percentage of reductions that must not exceed %75 will be determined according to desire of each participant provided that such reductions are real to boost the trust of the public in the festival.
  • The participating store shall is permitted to put cards or boards indicating the old and new price after reduction.
  • The participating store shall be supplied with bunting and posters, the quantity of which shall be determined by the organizing committee in the light of the store’s participation percentage.
  • The participating store is allowed to advertise its reductions in local newspapers and any other means of advertisement, using the festival logo.
  • Every participating store will receive the first 50 raffle coupons free of charge. The more you participate the more coupons you can receive. The maximum number of coupons will be 150.
  • The raffle boxes will be distributed in markets, centers, and main streets according to the decision of the organizing committee.
  • The organizing committee undertakes to provide valuable prizes to customers to be announced through local media.

Obligations and conditions of participation

  • Complete fees for each facility.
  • The store is required to purchase the raffle coupons from the organizing committee against dhs.-20per coupon book, which contains 50 coupons.
  • The store is required to distribute a raffle coupon for each DHS. 100/-purchase.
  • participating stores are not allowed to sell during the festivals period without distributing raffle coupons as stipulated herein.
  • The store is shall comply with all the conditions stated in the raffle coupons in regard to its distribution and use which are considered as an integral part of the stated herein.
  • The store owners, partners or employees are not allowed to participate in the festival to obtain any prizes through the raffle coupons assigned to their stores.
  • The store should not announce reductions at the main store or any one of its branches during the festivals period unless it was participating according to this permission.
  • in case the participating store is in violation with participation conditions, a written notice will be sent to that store to amend the violation within 24 hours. If the violation was repeated, its participation will be canceled, and the chamber will maintain its right to claim the appropriate compensation if the violation caused harm to the festivals promotion campaign.
  • the participating store shall observe all instructions issued to it by the organizing committee.
  • The stores and shops participating in the official campaign shall have the right to run special raffles and/or scratch and win promotional campaigns if so desiring after approaching the participation committee for obtaining the required written permission as after fulfillment of conditions and payment of fees.
  • the overleaf conditions if any are obligatory to all parties.

Important notes

  • The permit should not include words; such as “sale” or تنزيلات, and phrases that are mentioned in the participation privileges and conditions, which are included in the permit, shall be used.
  • The permit does not include printing distributing any promotional papers or booklets. In case of your desire for this, please obtain a permit from the trade permit section at the Department of Economic Dept.
  • The permit of obtaining “Raffle draws and scratch& win” approval includes presenting awards within the establishment only. In case of having the desire to gain external presentation, a permit must be obtained from the commercial permits section at the department of economic dept.
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